5 Enhancing Reasons why you should start Microdosing Immediately

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A couple of years ago I started experimenting with micro dosing. I tried it not only to enhance my focus but also my creativity, but I was also just curious to what extent it would affect my daily life. The results were extraordinary mind-blowing.

Microdosing came on my path while I was seventeen years old and listening to two podcast episodes of Joe Rogan. The first one was with Michael Pollan and the second was with Paul Stamets. It can aid you in finding out more about yourself in your way of thinking.

In this article, I will discuss the basics of microdosing more in-depth. That is for those who are interested in that. After that, I will discuss the influence of microdosing on your creativity while summarizing different reasons you should consider trying it.

Keep in mind that microdosing is illegal in most countries. Inform and orient yourself first before you start anything out. It is also advisable to visit your doctor or cardiologist first and let him do a checkup. Michael Pollan also recommended this.

Therefore, it can improve your creativity, concentration, and overall well-being, but keep in mind that it is still not scientifically proven, and there isn’t much research on this topic.

What the f*ck is Microdosing?

Microdosing uses very little of a substance. So tiny that you don’t feel the effects such as getting high. For instance, you usually would use 5 grams of truffles to notice the hallucination effects. With microdosing, you only consume .20 to .60 grams, depending on your tolerance.

It has been a clear trend among people in Silicon Valley. There are numerous studies regarding the stimulating and positive effects of microdosing. For example, it provides you with more energy, enhanced creativity, and an increase in productivity.

Michael Pollan on how psychedelics change your mind

The news even claimed that people in Silicon Valley use it as the latest productivity hack. Some even stated that it helped them to sleep better. Others declared that it causes insomnia. Michael Pollan wrote a remarkable book about this phenomenon called: How to change your mind: what the new science of psychedelics teaches us about consciousness, dying, addiction, depression, and Transcendence.

What happens in the Brain

How does it work inside of our minds you may ask. Basically, these psychedelic substances are interfering with the electrical flow of neurotransmitters. That happens by increasing their concentration or by activating certain receptors. Neurotransmitters carry so-called messages from one nerve cell to the next in the brain or throughout the body.

These drugs can increase neural activities, which also have side effects that aren’t uncommon. For instance, it can lead to headaches, insomnia, and loss of appetite. The last one was an obstacle for me because I have never been a big eater myself.

There are some extremer side effects that occur under 1% of the users, but there is a possibility that it increases the feeling of depression, insomnia, or anxiety.


Numerous reported benefits have been reported that are thought-provoking. There has been a case study in 2019 about the benefits and challenges of microdosing (MDBC). During this study, they analyzed qualitative reports of 278 microdosers.

On the other hand, there are some disturbing side effects, or as they call it, ‘challenges,’ regarding microdosing. The positive reports of microdosing according to the MDBC study are listed below:

  • Improved mood (26.6%)
  • Improved focus (14.8%)
  • Improved creativity (12.9%)
  • Improved energy (10.5%)
Scientific Reports on treatment-resistant depression with Psilocybin

According to the MDBC research, psilocybin-only users did state that the benefits of microdosing were According to MDBC research, psilocybin-only users stated that the benefits of microdosing were more significant than the so-called challenges. Some of those challenging outcomes were physiological discomfort, which was reported by 50 microdosers, and increased anxiety, which was written by almost 19 microdosers.

Diving deep into an extraordinary world – from shamans and magic mushroom hunts to the pioneering labs mapping our brains – and putting himself forward as a guinea pig, Michael Pollan has written a remarkable history of psychedelics and a compelling portrait of the new generation of scientists fascinated by the implications of these drugs.

5 Reasons why you are missing out

There are five main reasons that you are missing out on by not taking a dive into the world of psychedelics. Firstly, you are not enhancing your creativity which can be easily obtained by microdosing. You will also boost your mood, focus, and overall well-being. And it will allow you to reach a higher level of wisdom.

Enhance your Creativity with Fungi

These unique fungi are known to boost your creativity. Many people in Silicon Valley use these particular fungi to increase their creativity. It is crucial to keep in mind that research regarding microdosing is still scarce. So we can not state with absolute certainty that this directly impacts creativity. But there are many studies out there that do show that.

This used to boost their creativity and made them able to be one step ahead of their competitors. These days they need to step it up in order to keep up with them. Above is a fun song that may help you to increase your creativity levels.

Magically Improve and Skyrocket your Mood

Microdosing these magic mushrooms can help to improve your overall mood. I can say that from experience. Not only from myself but also from a few other people I know who have tried it themselves.
I once heard a remarkable statement: A single seed planted will eventually become a garden after some time has passed. There will be times when things get tough. Your mind also works a bit like this. Sometimes the garden in your mind needs a little bit of tending.

Triple your focus with Psychedelics

Microdosing may not be as effective as Adderall, but it is still very effective and nonaddictive. In the video below, Paul Stamets states how this psychedelic drug can aid in improving your focus.

After Skool on Paul Stamets and the Joe Rogan Experience

Don’t miss out on Higher Wisdom

If you look at the greatest philosophers of all time – whom I consider the wisest amongst all – they all tend to know a lot about themselves. Ancient societies have been using fungi for a long time. It can help you understand yourself in a better and much more profound way than you already know. Therefore, aiding you to obtain a higher level of wisdom.

Microdosing is a Quick and QUIET Art

There is still a stigma on drugs, and it is still being demonized by many. One of the upsides of microdosing is that it is a quiet thing. You are not experiencing any significant side effects. Michael Pollan once asked the audience who have done a microdosing session at least once in their life. Many looked around at the others, and slowly nearly 80% of the audience raised their hands. That is unbelievable.

LEVEL UP: A Guide on Therapeutic and Sacred Tripping

As stated before, microdosing can genuinely help you gain a higher level of knowledge and understanding of yourself. It can completely dissolve your ego for a while, which is a remarkable experience. But it can be quite a scary experience as well. Therefore, I would highly recommend making a guided trip with a professional who will help you.


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