Improve your focus and meet me at the top because the bottom is too crowded. Every route has its price. The question is how much they will charge. Because money is freedom, everything is for sale. Except for love, but love, that’s not all that I hope. One quote is from a Philosopher; a Dutch rapper has said the other one. Lately, I have been living rather unhealthy.

Money is freedom, yes everything is for sale.

Jorn Wildeman

You are slacking on exercising, not eating enough, not doing anything to improve, and drinking often. It’s rather interesting to find out the extent of these choices the hard way. It impacts your concentration. So it’s essential to take care of your physical body and nourish your mind. It’s summer. That means that people are partying more, enjoying their time, and focusing on having fun. Is that a waste of time not working on their foundation and not improving, or is it essential to enjoy ‘the best period of your life’ – better known as your youth?

Opioids: a blessing and a curse

President Richard Nixon stated that drug abuse was America’s number one enemy. He went on total war against drugs. Little did he know how harmful those consequences would be. It resulted in the mass imprisonment of a lot of US citizens.

There wouldn’t be any problems without drugs

They did everything in their might to get rid of the drug suppliers, incarcerate drug fields, and incarcerate many citizens. But they underestimated one thing: supply and demand. If you reduce the supply without reducing the need first, the product’s price will skyrocket.

Improve opioids
The war on drugs

This is observable with the distribution of crystal meth. The government tried to stop it by forbidding certain ingredients necessary for manufacturing the drugs. This led to thousands of small-scale manufacturers all over the country, usually in small towns.

Yeah science, b*tch!

The prohibition of drugs can cause stronger or more potent drugs. For instance, the number can also see that of people who overdose from fentanyl. Another shocking number is that the war on drugs is responsible for approximately 50% of the homicides in the US.

Improve your life: 7 days program

Improve your lifestyle in a few weeks. There will be a free program available within two months that you can try. It would be fantastic if we could all contribute something to this. In seven days, I hope to make the majority feel happier in general without it being an obstacle. I would love to receive some tips from people and feedback to make it an even greater success..

Sometimes life is Backstabbing ‘too much’

We must keep on going and improve our life. But sometimes, things are just a bit too much or too hard to handle. This can be somewhat problematic. For instance, when I founded the Sine Wave Syndrome, I was personally struggling with certain things in my life, and things weren’t going that great.

Therefore, I started diving into philosophy and researching happiness by researching different topics. I made sure that I made notes about everything and summarized it all. This allowed me to write articles about my findings. I discovered my love for podcasts. Some people still call me crazy for always listening to podcasts.

Being able to find spectacular forgiveness

Being able to find forgiveness is easier said than done. Françoise Bourzat truly inspired me to be grateful, mercifully, and find forgiveness from deep in my heart for others. Especially her story when she was in Thailand spoke to me.
Tim Ferris and Françoise Bourzat on a Guide to Psychedelic Journeys

Procrastinating brutally kills productivity

The current school year is coming to an end. That means summer vacation is near for some of us—a time to relax and reflect a bit. I took a break for about two weeks. Now I’m dying to be productive again. I love researching writing, and I want to leave something behind when I die.

A year from now you may wish you had started today

Karen Lamb

I noticed that it was pretty hard to get back into my old rhythm and lifestyle, for I was procrastinating more often. I read somewhere that 10 minutes of procrastination can destroy one month of hard work. I didn’t get that quote at first, but I live by it these days.

Joe Rogan’s know it all advice for Hard Work

Joe Rogan mentioned that he pretends that there is always a camera crew following him recording his success story. This motivates him always to try his absolute best and work as hard as possible. This helped him a lot, providing me with a lot of energy. But I didn’t pay attention to my nutrition intake. So I always jokingly say that I imagine a camera crew following me and a nutrition coach.

Become an Enchanting man of POWER

To Greene, power is amoral. It’s a game, a social game. To understand it, you must be able to study and understand people. Therefore, you must always take the most indirect route to power. For instance, The 48 Laws of Power is a handbook in the various arts of indirection.

The 48 Laws of Power includes – as the name implies – 48 pieces of enlightenment from men and women across various international amenities that all share a common thread. It is an invaluable source of knowledge for those seeking to get ahead of their competition. Greene’s book is a distillation of this acquired wisdom and a definitive guide on becoming more powerful.

Man of power

How to become a Tyrant

I’ve written an article about Becoming a tyrant. A Netflix documentary inspired me to dive into the six secret steps of the tyrant’s playbook. It was truly fascinating.

According to Alex Tan, democracy is still the best form of government. Even though democracy has flaws. Plato – a famous philosopher born in 427 B.C. – once said that democracy results in the rule by those with an ability to win votes, but not the wisest with a capacity to govern.

Become tantalizingly confident

I came across this article about how one can become more confident. I didn’t mention this in the podcast – well, I did mention it in the first take, but that is unusable now due to these annoying bird sounds – but these tips are genuinely amazing. You mustn’t listen to self-limiting assumptions. You are a great and beautiful being, and you need to learn to respect yourself. 

I know how important it is, but even I still look down on myself sometimes. You must be aware of it if you notice yourself doing this. If you discern yourself talking negatively about yourself, try to talk yourself out of it and counter it with positive thoughts.


It is also important to not constantly rely on your memory for reliable information. You can be wrong sometimes and brain memory is not always dedicated. Identify where you lack self-confidence and what can give you courage and gain control by confronting your fears. You mustn’t compare yourself with others.

New books to read this summer

I ordered five books that I want to finish at the end of this summer on top of my reading list. I must say that I’m very excited about most of these books. Usually, I write a summary about a book for myself to understand it better. After that, I typically do some research online. I plan on writing a few blog posts regarding these books and what I’ve learned from them. I plan on reading the books listed below.

The 48 Laws of Power

48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene

Three thousand years of history of power has been covered in this book. Furthermore, It covers laws like never outshine the master, don’t put too much trust in friends, learning how to use your enemy, and why you should speak less. The book is even banned in specific prisons


Essentialism – Greg McKeown

Have you ever found yourself struggling with information overload? Have you ever felt both overworked and underutilized? Do you ever feel busy but not productive? If you answered yes to any of these, the way out is to become an Essentialist.


Meditations – Marcus Aurelius

With a profound understanding of human behavior, Marcus provides insights, wisdom, and practical guidance on everything from living in the world to coping with adversity to interacting with others. Consequently, the Meditations have become required reading for politicians and philosophers alike, while generations of ordinary readers have responded to the straightforward intimacy of his style.

The daily stoic

The Daily Stoic – Ryan Holiday

Where can you find joy? What’s the accurate measure of success? How should we manage anger? Find meaning? Conquer grief? The answers to these questions and more lie at the heart of Stoic philosophy. The Daily Stoic is a compelling, accessible guide to living a good life, offering daily doses of this traditional wisdom. Long the secret weapon of history’s significant figures, from emperors to artists and activists to fighter pilots, the principles of Stoicism have shone brightly through the centuries as a philosophy for doers.

The New Science of Psychedelics

How to Change Your Mind – Michael pollan

Join Michael Pollan on a journey to the frontiers of the human mind. Diving deep into an extraordinary world – from shamans and magic mushroom hunts to the pioneering labs mapping our brains – and putting himself forward as a guinea-pig, Michael Pollan has written a remarkable history of psychedelics and a compelling portrait of the new generation of scientists fascinated by the implications of these drugs.

Things to do during summer

You can do a few things during summer, and I have listed them below. You need to find a proper balance between relaxing a bit to restore your energy level and working on yourself to stay focussed disciplined, and improve yourself.


Traveling may be challenging during Covid, but things will improve. You don’t have to travel around the world. You can take it smaller. Maybe visit a small village or city nearby for a couple of days. Or go to the forest and go for a nice walk. Alone, with friends, or perhaps with your spouse.

Recharge and relax

To do nothing for a couple of days – or maybe a couple of weeks – can be relaxing if you don’t feel like being productive. Relax, chill a bit, and get some well-deserved rest to improve and fill your energy level.

Learn something new

You can listen to some podcasts, read books, and learn valuable skills or lessons to work on yourself and to improve yourself. Perhaps an audiobook or formative YouTube videos will fit your style more if you don’t like reading. I purchased these five books mentioned above, which I plan on finishing at the end of this summer.

Spending some time alone

It is good to take some time off, get to know yourself, and reflect on things that happened over the past few months. Not only will spending some time with yourself improve you on a spiritual level, but it will also help you improve your energy level in general. Think and Grow Rich has this excellent guideline with inspiring questions. 

Spend some time alone

I will go to a secluded area within a few weeks and do a ‘genius weekend’. I learned this phenomenon in a podcast from Cindy Koeman, and I must say that I’m really impressed by how well it works for me.

To what extent are you experiencing the Sine Wave Syndrome in your daily life? It would be wonderful to hear your thoughts on this podcast. Feel free to send me an email or join the discussion below. Don’t hesitate to ask questions that you would love to have answered or discussed during the podcast. You can also just say hi. Whatever feels most comfortable.

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