Elvin Garrett is a software developer who has sliced through procrastination by mastering the power of habit. He loves to work on the things he is very passionate about his creations. IT is incredible to see that he is trying to turn almost everything into a habit. According to Elvin, his daily needs to be productive for a day to be successful.

Daily habits can help you with that. For instance, an everyday miracle morning can boost up your energy drastically. Every day, Elvin plans what he wants to do by keeping his to-do list up-to-date and working on that list.

I would love to change the world with Software Engineering

Elvin Garrett

Keep in mind that you also need to work out regularly. For example, working out and taking care of your physical is just as important as your mind. Elvin states that it is essential to make sure things are all fresh up there. “When I’m getting ready for bed, I try to read a bit and hopefully learn something new.”


Garrett is currently working on creating his platform for like-minded creators. This started at a semester during school where he was – according to him – lucky to meet people with a like-minded interest like him. Therefore, he wants to change the world by connecting people. Five more years, Elvin states. After five years, I will be done with my studies and work more than full time on his business.

Turbocharge the day with a habit like Miracle Mornings

Elvin loves to start his day with a miracle morning. This boosts your motivation drastically, which is proven by the power of habits. Therefore, if you do something every day, it will become a habit. Try to do something specific for 5 minutes, and it will be as easy on the tenth day as it would be on the one-hundredth day.

The first thing Elvin does in the morning is getting out of bed – obviously – and open the blinds, followed by splashing some water on his face. Second, he constantly repeats his affirmations to himself. For instance, ‘I am proud of what I am and ‘I am proud of what I do.’ Manifesting affirmation is scientifically proven to work. Thirdly, he does some cardio in the morning or goes for a short walk to get the blood flowing.

Productivity Game on the Miracle Morning 

After that, Garrett closes things by reading afterward, followed by writing a bit. Just a few sentences every morning about how he feels and anything else helps him clear his mind. By doing this, you set yourself up for success for the day. ‘SAVERS’ is an acronym for all the habits he takes in the morning. These are listed below.

There is an acronym to help you easily remember these different aspects. These are called: life-savers. Where each letter of the word savers stands for the aspect. All the miracle morning steps are listed above:

The Prosperous habit Role models

Various people inspired Garrett. Their backstories and their accomplishments, habit, and visions are what truly inspires Garrett. He talks very enthusiastically about his role models.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill is the author of ‘Think and Grow Rich‘. Garrett talks about how Hill changed his way of thinking regarding money and success. ‘Most people see money as an obstacle because they have bad experiences with it. Nowadays I see it as an opportunity.

Michael Pilarczyk

Michał George Pilarczyk is a Dutch media entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and presenter of Polish-Dutch descent. Pilarczyk inspired Garrett’s habit journey with his dutch podcast that aided him to do stuff. Work for things that you want to do. ‘You should not make excuses for yourself.’ 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

During the show, Elvin Garrett showed a framed picture of his role model Arnold Schwarzenegger who was a massive source of inspiration for Elvin. Most people see Schwarzenegger as a random bodybuilder, but Arnold’s background inspired Garrett. ‘He is someone who doesn’t give up.’

 The speech that broke the internet

Awe-inspiring Productive day

Elvin says that you should try and make every day productive. For example, try to go to the gym or start a small project on what you’re passionate about in life. And yes, this will make you tired and drain your energy levels. But this is a different kind of tired of what you do is what you are passionate about in life. Besides that, you should also consider reflecting on your down-phase consistently for a few days to understand the problem fully. They try to visualize what the problem might be. You can always make a habit out of that.

You will DEFINITELY make mistakes

You will make mistakes. It is also essential to know when you should stop. You can always ask others what their opinion about it is. This can affirm the survivability of a project. Be sure to ask plenty of people, and don’t take one only answer for granted.

With most things in life, you have to consider your energy level. Just don’t try to raise your energy or get energy by watching Netflix all the time. Try getting it back by doing something productive. Yes, you will get tired. But like I said, that is a different kind of tired. Try to make a habit out of that.

What you pay attention to grows

Deepak Chopra

To what extent are you experiencing the Sine Wave Syndrome in your daily life? It would be wonderful to hear your thoughts on this podcast. Feel free to send me an email or join the discussion below. Don’t hesitate to ask questions you would love to have answered or discussed during the podcast. You can also just say hi. Whatever feels most comfortable.

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