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Sine Wave Syndrome the Podcast offers an easy guide on happiness for everyone who struggles with ups and downs in their lives. It is an easy guide on conquering your Sine Wave Syndrome effectively, so you can live a happy, joyful, and loved life. Not because you need to, but because you deserve it.

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Sine Wave Syndrome Podcast
Sine Wave Syndrome the Podcast
Episode 8: Happiness and Ridiculous Hormone Hacking
Anthony J Vasquez

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Are you suffering from Sine Wave Syndrome? Anthony J. Vasquez will help you conquer your Sine Wave Syndrome instantly starting in April. As a result, you will feel happy, joyfully, and more loved by doing what you love doing the most.

Each episode contains vital information regarding ethics, philosophy, and lifestyle that will help you answer various essential questions in your life or compare the lives of different guests to level with for yourself. If you want to feel happier or learn more about yourself, this show is definitely for you.

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Did you know that people worldwide are suffering from anxiety, depression, and conduct disorder? And did you know that 180.000.000 people googled: ‘How to be happy. Those numbers are still skyrocketing! Two third of people don’t experience happiness.

Time is a resource we value, and happy people value their time. Time is also the resource that we would love to have more of. We humans need to start appreciating and not criticizing the small things in life. Therefore, we should all begin by embracing our imperfections—for instance, accidents, failures, and mistakes.

What is Sine Wave Syndrome, and to what extent does it affect your daily life? asks Anthony Vasquez. This question centralized this episode. At the top of the ‘happy phase,’ you feel ecstatically happy, but it feels like you have hit rock bottom at the’ down phase.’ Therefore, it is important to feel satisfied, joyfully, and loved! You can achieve that by persuading your passion. There are a few questions you might have after hearing this regarding Sine Wave Syndrome.

Tony Robbins came up with a list of six human needs that people crave. First on the list is a certainty; all human beings need to feel confident. This assurance helps you to avoid pain and allows you to gain pleasure—secondly, uncertainty. We as humans need new motives and a change of environment by going into the unknown and searching for change. Thirdly, people crave significance. We all need to feel special, meaningful, and unique.

Fourthly, we value relationships and friendships very much because we require a strong feeling of connection and love. Fifthly, growth. Tony Robbins states that process equals happiness. Humans need to make improvements, or they will become bored and tired of not making any progress.

Lastly, humans show growth so they can give. Therefore contribution is an essential human need. ‘The secret of living is giving. The more you contribute and help others, the better you will feel. Having great control over these six human needs can aid in conquering your sine wave syndrome.


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