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Top 5 accurate Astrology Sites to Instantly Enlighten Yourself

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It almost seems that there are infinite astrology sites out there. My astrology journey did not start a long time ago. Ever since I was a kid I used to be very skeptical about these kinds of things and I only saw it as a distracting thing rather than seeing it as something valuable.

That definitely took a full 180 after I familiarized myself with the basics and really gave it a try. Now there are certain elements and aspects I will continue to incorporate in my life. In fact, I cannot picture myself living without them.



The word ‘horoscope’ is descended from the Greek words ‘ōra’ – which means ‘time’ – and ‘scopos‘ – meaning ‘observer’. So, first things first: ‘what the heck is a horoscope anyways’? Basically, a horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram that contains one or more of the following elements:

  • Moon
  • Sun
  • Planets
  • Sensitive time angles
  • Astrological aspects

The angles are derived from four primary angles: the first house, the tenth house, the seventh house, and the fourth house. I would highly recommend reading this article if you wish to learn more about it.

Quarts on Astrology isn’t science, but your horoscope is more real than you think

Most visited astrology sites

There are quite some websites out there that can aid you in your astrological journey. There are paid astrology sites, free astrology sites, and a mixture of both.

Oranum is an online platform for psychic readings by trusted esoteric experts. The upside of Oranum is that it’s 100% secure and private. It allows you to receive answers to life’s most important questions, is 24/7 available, and is accessible from the comfort of your home. Don’t stop yourself from gaining powerful insights about your life and love life. The first 10 minutes are free and they guarantee a refund if you are not satisfied.

Horoscope aims to inspire and empower people of all ages to live their best life with light-hearted horoscopes, Tarot readings, and zodiac sign information. The information is mostly free and it is really well organized. Not only does it include daily horoscope readings, but it also provides information regarding career and money as well.

Tarot is also a mostly free astrology website that allows you to do a tarot card reading online. I personally noticed that this is less accurate than an actual deck of cards, but that may work or grant different results for each person. You do need to give your email address in order to receive your tarot outcome, but because of that, it is free.

Tarot reading

Space is a really interesting platform. All the information is free, but they earn money when you click on their affiliate links. Just like I do with the books I promote. It helps the website to be able to pay for its bills. They claim to be the premier source of space exploration, innovation, and astronomy news, chronicling (and celebrating) humanity’s ongoing expansion across the final frontier. It is definitely worth taking a look around at this astrology site.

AstrologyAnswers is one of those astrology sites that includes news about what is happening in the universe this week. It also shows you your Sun sight based on your Zodiac sign. Their community includes readers and clients from around the world and they’ve allowed us to be a part of their individual journeys, giving them incredible insight into their immediate needs.

Live reading

A horoscope is an astrologer’s analysis of the state of the Sun, planets, Moon, aspects, and angles on an appropriate date. They haven’t been scientifically proven to be accurate, but millions of people across the globe swear to reading their horoscope regularly. Oranum is one of those sites where expert readers can give you clarification on one or more of the twelve different aspects listed below.

  1. Love
  2. Clairvoyant
  3. Tarot
  4. Astrology
  5. Dreams
  6. Guides
  7. Family
  8. Career
  9. Numerology
  10. Fortune teller
  11. Sound baths
  12. Pet psychic


The usual modern tarot card deck is based on the Venetian or the Piedmontese tarot. It consists of 78 cards divided into two collections: the major arcana – or ‘trumps’ – which counts 22 cards, and the minor arcana, which holds 56 cards. The video below explains this concept in two hours in more detail, however, we have an extensive article about this concept here if you would love to dive into this more.

Moonlight Guidance on learning all 78 Tarot cards

If you want to learn all about astrology for beginners, I would highly recommend reading this article.

Free psychic reading

There are five sites that offer you free psychic readings or dream interpretation that are accurate and performed by professionals. My personal favorite is Oranum, because the website is really well managed and I am able to find things there quickly. However, there are some really good alternatives: Keen Psychics – mainly focussed on big life decisions, asknow – for mediumships, Psychic Source – for love readings, and Kasamba – which orientates around live tarot readings.


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